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Our Solution to 3 Vital Issues Regarding A Patient's Healthcare Stay

Updated: Aug 5, 2023

This kit was developed with the goal to provide a solution to three vital issues that need major improvement today when it comes to a patient’s healthcare stay.


This Kit will help patients from picking up an infection during their inpatient healthcare stay, here’s how?

Although significant progress has been made in preventing some healthcare-associated infection types, there is much more work to be done. On any given day, about 1 in 31 hospital patients has at least one healthcare-associated infection.

HAIs can have devastating effects on mental/emotional, physical, and financial health. Also, HAIs cost billions of dollars in added expenses to the healthcare system.

In our current world state there are so many germs, bacteria's and virus's, it is hard to keep count of them. Not to mention the fact that we are slowly overcoming a pandemic with the Covid-19 virus, and who knows what other pandemics are to come! The main thing that can be done now is to be pro-active and be prepared for what is to possibly come.

In healthcare facilities there are tons of lingering germs, bacteria and virus's. For starters, there is the ever-popular C.diff bacteria that is known to linger on bedrails, over-bed tables, nurse call buttons, TV remote controls, doorknobs, toilet seats and handles, etc. When patients touch these surfaces that have not been properly cleaned, they pick up the C.diff bacteria spores, then they touch their food or their mouth and those spores are digested and now they are infected! Another example is an emerging Fungus that is currently causing a serious global health threat, Candida auris. Candida auris is a fungal disease that spreads in healthcare settings, causing invasive infections and has become much more widespread since 2015. The scary reality about Candida.auris is that it is difficult to diagnose and often has proven resistant to multiple anti-fungal drugs. Proper room cleaning with approved cleaning agents and hand washing is the best weapon to use while fighting this superbug. Healthcare workers should sanitize their hands VERY often in between caring for their patients, but let’s face it, most employees in these healthcare facilities are overworked and don’t properly sanitize their hands as often as they should. The same goes for Housekeeping staff, there is a shortage of staff everywhere nowadays and patient rooms just simply aren’t being cleaned thoroughly like they are supposed to be. That is where YOU have to take your own health and wellness into your own hands to make sure you are safe during your healthcare stay!


The Medi-Readi Kit comes with a germ/virus prevention system and detailed instructions. This system is Two extra large Commercial strength Alcohol disinfectant wipes, and instructions on exactly where to use the wipes upon admission to a healthcare facility. Often times upon arrival to a healthcare facility, staff is usually not present, so this system can be utilized pro-actively to get rid of those lingering bacteria, germs and virus's that are possibly left behind on highly touched surfaces from the previous patient, thus making you safer and putting you on the right path for a successful healthcare stay!


Often patients DO NOT enter the facility with the basic knowledge needed to actively participate in the healthcare they receive. Also, patients are not given the proper and often vital follow-up care information needed when they are discharged from the facility. This often leads to the patient having to be re-admitted to the facility soon after they are discharged.

Patients may nod and say they understand what they are supposed to do after they leave the facility, however, most patients are often heavily medicated, stressed, groggy and confused. So verbally speaking instructions to them is not a sure way that they will follow through with what they are supposed to do.


The Medi-Readi Kit includes a "Medication List" where the patient can list ALL of their current medications, as well as a page where the patient can take notes and write down any questions to ask their doctor or nurse. And now here comes the best part, this kit also has a detailed Instruction page for the patient to follow when they are told they are going to be discharged from the facility. This discharge guide has all of the questions that the patient should ask their nurse or Doctor before they leave the facility. It is a guide that literally tells you what to ask and has the proper spaces for you to write the answer down so you can go back and look at it later.


More often than not the personal care items given to the patients in healthcare facilities are not of the highest quality, not to mention the patient is charged a hefty price for these low-quality products.

Let’s see for starters there is that watery body deodorant, then the moisture lacking body lotion that is used to cut costs in healthcare – no way, we have to do better than that!

Well, we believe that patients deserve better. Patients deserve quality during their stay! After all, patient comfort equals great patient satisfaction which ultimately will produce better patient outcomes.


The products in the Medi-Readi kit are very popular, familiar family brands that have a history of being of good quality, Jergens, Curad, Medline and McKesson to name a few. And with the amazing ‘no water needed’ bathing system and ‘no water needed’ toothbrushes provided in this kit, these products are sure to enhance the patient’s stay and make them feel and smell clean.

Our philosophy is when you feel and smell clean it does something to your overall health and the end result is wellness, both mentally and physically.

The healthcare industry is ever-changing, and we take pride in knowing that we are enhancing patient care by providing this extraordinary kit, which will definitely make a difference in the lives of patients nationwide. Keep your health steadi, by being Medi-Readi!

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