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Let’s start off with these two beautiful words: HEALTH ADVOCACY

These two words are probably two of the most important words right now in the state of the current world that we are living in. So, what is Health Advocacy? Let’s explore just what it is.

First off, the definition of Health is the state of complete physical, mental, and social wellness while being free from illness or injury. Secondly, the definition of Advocacy is any action that speaks in favor of, or argues for a cause, supports, or defends and pleads on behalf of others.

So now let’s bring these two beautiful words together:

Health Advocacy is the act of speaking up in favor of or supporting the state of a person and/or group’s complete physical, mental, and social wellness with the goal for that person/group to be free from illness or injury.

Health Advocacy centers around inclusion in all health services which should be available to ALL people in the community and involves partnerships, especially with members who are passionate about bringing change to a current barrier and/or issue within the Health Advocacy realm who also have a strong knowledge of public health systems and notices what current systems are not working and/or missing.

It is very important that Health Advocacy be at the center of focus to ensure that access and affordability are amongst the evident health disparities in the United States.

Health Advocacy promotes health and access to good, safe, quality health care and public health services not only at the individual level, but also at the community level as well. By ensuring that community health is at the forefront of health advocacy will promote health thereby addressing the challenge of patient-centered care in our current complex healthcare system.

The healthcare system is very complex and can be confusing and therefore frustrating, especially to certain vulnerable populations like the elderly or aging populations.

Health advocacy often requires the task of knowing the ins and outs of this complex healthcare system to educate and empower people to make better informed choices regarding their health and well-being.

Our mission here at Medi-Readi.com is simple yet profound: to educate and empower you to become the ultimate Self-advocate, equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to regain control over your mental and physical well-being and improve your health and quality of life.

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