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So, everybody likes and wants to feel clean, right? I mean let’s face it, we are extremely busy these days rather it be from the usual hustle and bustle of getting to work every day, sometimes working two jobs.  Rather it be from going to the gym, to going to social events, kids sporting events etc. in between those times there are moments where you want to freshen up but are not near a water source to do so.  We got you covered!  With this convenient mini daily hygiene kit, you can freshen up while on the go, and get this, no water is needed to do so!  

This kit comes with Hypo-allergenic body wash that doesn’t need to be rinsed off, along with body wipes, so you just wipe the dirt and sweat off and go! And it also comes with no water needed pre-pasted toothbrushes, that’s right, toothpaste is already on the brush!  Just brush and go!  Woo-Hoo!  These toothbrushes are perfect for freshening up your teeth after dinner or perhaps before a date.  Plus, this kit has all the essential items needed to freshen up and keep it moving!  You will feel and smell fresh in no time! 

Medi-Readi Mini Daily Hygiene Kit

  • This kit is ideal for:

    Gift Giving, Weather-Related Emergencies / Natural disaster, After-Gym Workouts, the Busy College Student, Carry-On Airline Travel, Business Travel, Weekend Getaways, Date nights, homeless population etc.

  • What's in the kit:

    1 Re-usable Organza Sky Blue Bag

    1 No rinse body wash

    1 pack Disposable body wipes

    1 Body Lotion

    1 Deodorant

    1 Hand Sanitizer

    1 Small pack of face tissues

    1 Hair Styling Kit (Comb and Brush)

    1 Lip Balm

  • Item Notes:

    *Toiletries may vary due to product availability.



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