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When planning a stay in the hospital, whether it is for surgery, an Inpatient procedure, or childbirth it is important to be prepared - not only to be comfortable, but to also ensure that you have a safe stay while you heal.  Life is extremely busy these days, and more often than not there is just not enough time in the day to do things like we need to and preparing for an upcoming healthcare stay has to be a priority to ensure that you pack everything that you will need.  

Well, relax, we have you covered!  We have done the packing for you.  Our personal care kit comes with all the essential items needed for your stay. The items in our kit will help you maintain your daily hygiene while keeping you healthy from unwanted lingering germs that may be present on surfaces when you arrive.  The reality is a lot of places are short staffed nowadays, and the same goes for healthcare facilities.  Daily room cleaning just isn’t completed like it is supposed to be done, this is where our kit will help – the kit comes with Commercial strength Alcohol disinfecting wipes with instructions on where to use them (highly touched surfaces).  

And yes, you may receive some toiletries while you are at the healthcare facility, but unfortunately, they are usually not the popular national quality grooming brands that you are accustomed to using daily.  Our kits have quality brand products in them that are sure to make you feel fresh and clean throughout your stay.

Medi-Readi Personal Care Kit

  • This kit is ideal for:

    Any inpatient healthcare facility stay (i.e., hospital, acute rehabilitation – physical therapy, Assisted Living and/or Skilled nursing/Nursing Home, Home health care etc.)

  • What's in the kit:

    1 Nylon Toiletry Bag (Color may vary between white or black)

    4 Pre-pasted Toothbrushes (Toothbrushes already have tooth paste on them)

    1 Deodorant

    1 Body lotion

    1 Hair Styling Kit (Comb & Brush)

    1 Facial Tissues

    1 No-Rinse Total Body Cleanser (No water needed – No rinse needed)

    1 Package of Extra-Large disposable wash cloths / wipes

    1 Lip Balm

    1 Travel size Mouthwash

    1 Hand Sanitizer

    2 packs of Commercial strength Alcohol disinfecting wipes (with instructions for where to use them)

    1 Pair Non-skid 

    1 Patient Belongings Bag

    1 Large print Word find puzzle book

    2 Packs of Welch’s Fruit snacks

    2 Packs of Ritz cheese & crackers snacks

    1 Discharge document (Ask these important questions when you are discharged from the facility)

    1 Current Medications document (Please be sure to list all your medications you are currently taking)

  • Item Notes:

    *The color of the nylon toiletry bag may vary between white and black depending on product availability.  

    **Toiletries may vary due to availability.



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