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At Medi-Readi, we're passionate about the power of health advocacy information. We believe it's the key to improving healthcare and patient outcomes. Join us to discover what health advocacy is, how it's transforming healthcare, and how it empowers individuals. We're your guide to a healthier, more informed future. Your journey starts here with Medi-Readi.

Welcome to Medi-Readi: Your Health Advocacy Hub



Welcome to Your Journey of Empowered Health: Be Your Own Advocate

In the world of healthcare, your voice and active participation in your care plan are essential for achieving a happier, healthier life. Our mission is simple yet profound: to empower you to become the ultimate self-advocate, equipped with the knowledge and tools needed to regain control over your mental and physical well-being.


At the heart of our belief is the understanding that positive patient experiences lead to not only happiness but also improved overall health. We are here to inspire you to master your own health, to embrace self-advocacy by actively engaging in your healthcare plan, asking questions, and fostering collaboration with your healthcare team. Your voice is the key to taking charge of your well-being, and we encourage you not to hesitate to speak up.


What We Offer: Your Steadfast Path to Health

Within our offerings, you will find products designed to help you maintain your health, especially when managing a chronic illness, ensuring your safety during inpatient healthcare stays, rehabilitation, and more. Our ultimate goal is to guide you towards achieving the pinnacle of quality healthcare, where your well-being remains steadfast.

Empowering Knowledge: The Source of Your Strength

Furthermore, we proudly present easy-to-understand articles and videos that encompass both physical and mental health. Our aspiration is to empower you with knowledge, recognizing that knowledge is the catalyst for your strength and well-being. Here begins your transformative journey of self-advocacy, empowerment, and mastery over your health. Welcome to your path of enlightenment and well-being.


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True or False:

1)  Does Health Advocacy involve speaking up when accessing healthcare.

2)  Health does not include Mental and Social Wellness.

3)  Our mission here at Medi-Readi.com is to educate & empower you to become the

      Ultimate self-Health Advocate.






Release stress and live your best life with these simple techniques!

How to become your own Health self-Advocate

Patient Comfort + Patient Safety + Patient Knowledge = The Medi-Readi Kit


The Medi-Readi Kit is a convenient pre-packaged kit truly developed with the patient in mind. This innovative patient-centered kit contains all the necessary medical & quality personal care items needed for any healthcare facility stay.  Also included in the kit is a very unique system with detailed instructions to follow to help get rid of those lingering, nasty germs that may have been left behind from a previous patient!  Healthcare acquired infections are REAL - It is worth taking the extra precaution against picking up an infection during your healthcare stay.  Also, don't forget to check out our other new and Innovative products that are now available that will help you or a loved one maintain Health and Wellness, especially when managing a chronic illness!  It's time to keep your Health Steadi by being Medi-Readi!

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Ask Medi a question, and submit your experience and feedback of your experiences in the Healthcare system!

For interesting healthcare questionnaires, visit our Healthcare & You tab. We are gathering information that is very important in helping us achieve the goal of changing our current healthcare system

Are you or someone you know and love currently in or soon going to be admitted into the hospital for illness or surgery, or perhaps entering a physical therapy rehabilitation/short-long term care facility? 

Why you, a loved one, or a friend need the Medi-Readi Kit:

Our Customer Experience

I purchased this kit for my mom, she had a hip replacement and had to go to an Acute Rehab facility for physical therapy for a few weeks. While in the facility they had set shower days, only two days a week, so she wasn’t able to bathe daily, this upset my mom because my mom likes to feel fresh every day – so this kit came in handy for her, she was able to bathe without the need for water, just spray and wipe the dirt away.  My mom was very pleased with this kit.  Thanks for helping my mom’s acute rehab stay better for her!
Louis K. Denver, CO.


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